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i'm kelsey

Registered dietitian, dog mom, & reformed picky eater helping busy millennials shop smart & eat well on a budget.


I believe nutrition should be simple & convenient – not to mention affordable & freaking delicious. I share quick & easy recipes, grocery tips & time-saving kitchen hacks so you can take nutrition off the to-do list.



Being a relatively picky eater, I didn’t always love food. Pursuing a career in dietetics didn’t much sense, but I quickly fell in love with all aspects of nutrition, from physiology to teaching to cooking. 


My passion for nutrition helped me step outside my comfort zone and experience food in a different way – one that wasn’t, complicated, boring or restrictive.


It wasn’t long before I was trying new foods, making a mistake (or two) in the kitchen, and creating flavorful, healthier versions of my favorite meals. Through my journey of learning to LOVE food, I’ve become a nutrition expert who can help you.

My love for food and nutrition didn’t start until college. I was never an adventurous eater – some might describe me as annoyingly picky… but growing up we rotated between the same five meals  – mom, I love your pasta & meatballs but no wonder I was picky! It wasn’t until college that I become open to trying new things because I was now responsible for planning, shopping, and cooking.


I taught myself how to cook healthier, budget friendly versions of my favorite meals, experimented with new veggies (heyyyy asparagus), and learned how to grocery shop like a pro. In fact, I loved shopping so much I made a career out of it as a retail dietitian 🛒


I quickly realized “picky” eating can be something positive that helps you transform your way to a healthier, happier life. It became a way to share my experience and help others experiment with recipes, experience new flavors, and truly enjoy food.

supermarket bites

I LOVE grocery shopping.  

So much so I made a career out of it.


Prior to starting my business, I worked as a supermarket RD, providing nutrition education right in the grocery store. Now with my own business, I work with individuals one-on-one to help nourish their lives through nutrition & cooking education. I also partner with like-minded food brands and organizations through recipe development, food photography, nutrition communications, and media work.