The Complete Guide to Snacking

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Quarantine got you snacking? SAME.

The convenience of working from home mixed with boredom and stress means snacking is at an all-time high right now. 


BUT!! Snacking isn’t a bad thing! Sometimes we need an energy boost and snacking is the perfect solution. I’m not talking about grazing or constantly checking the fridge to see what’s “new”.  I’m taking about SAVVY snacking. Satisfying, satiating, nutritious snacking. To make it easy, I created a complete guide to snacking. 


The Complete Guide to snacking

Should you be snacking?

Ideally yes! Eating every 3-4 hours keeps your energy up and hunger at bay. If you get hangry like me, a snack between meals satisfies hunger and keeps your momentum going.  


What to look for in a snack

A winning snack combo is one with fiber, protein, and fat or a at least two out of the three. Why? They’re filling and nutritious! These nutrients are satiating, meaning they fill you up and help you stay full.


Think about it. Are you full after snacking on a bag of chips? If you’re anything like my boyfriend, nine times out of ten that bag of chips was accidentally finished in one sitting and you’re still hungry.  


Say you replaced the chips with apple slices (fiber) and peanut butter (protein + fat). Would you feel full? Absolutely. Was it nutritious? Duh. Were you satisfied? I sure hope so.


Winning Combos

Finding snacks with a winning combo is easier than you think. Here are some of my favorites:


Greek yogurt + berries + granola

Even plant-based yogurts can be a good source of protein, plus the fiber and antioxidants in berries add the perfect amount of sweetness. Mix in granola for an extra crunch.


Fruit + Nut Butters

The combinations are endless! Stick with your classic apples and peanut butter or switch it up. I highly recommend Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut or Almond Butter with bananas. 


Dressed Up Rice Cakes

Talk about too many options.. Whatever your mood, whatever your flavor, there’s a rice cake for you.


Rice Cakes + Guacamole + Mangos

Rice Cakes + Sliced Mozzarella + Tomatoes + Basil

Rice Cakes + Cream Cheese + Everything Bagel Seasoning 

Rice Cakes + Almond Butter + Strawberries


Chia Seeds + Avocado + Cocoa Powder

Otherwise known as Chia Pudding.. duh. Not only are chia seeds loaded with fiber and protein, but they’re natural thickening agents. Mix everything together, refrigerate overnight, and voila – a thick chocolatey pudding. Get the full recipe here!



This high-fiber whole grain is the ultimate snack. It’s inexpensive, easy to prepare, and nutritious! A 3-cup serving has about 100 calories and 4g of fiber, which means you get a lot of bang for your buck. Try these delicious seasonings to dress up your popcorn:


Savory: Olive Oil + Everything Bagel Seasoning + Garlic Powder

Cheesy: Grated Parmesan (or Nutritional Yeast for a vegan substitute)

Sweet: Coconut Oil + Honey + Cinnamon

Spicy: Canola Oil + Paprika + Cayenne Pepper + Garlic Powder


Freeze Dried Fruit + Nuts

It’s like a DIY trail mix but better. Try mixing a bag of Crispy Fruit with a handful of almonds or walnuts. Toss in some chocolate covered chickpeas for some chocolatey goodness. 


Roasted Veggies + whole wheat pita wedges + hummus

A little hummus goes a long way. Like peanut butter, it’s a good source of protein. As an added bonus, it’s lower in calories and contains fiber. Fill the pita wedge with hummus and veggies (raw or roasted) for a quick snack.


Snack Away!

Remember, snacking is important for maintaining energy throughout the day and keeping you from getting hangry. Savvy snacks have protein, fiber, and fat making them satisfying, satiating, and nutritious.

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